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When this meatshell starts to decay, i'd like science to put my brain into a giant killer octopus body, with which i'll be very responsible and not even slightly shipwrecky. Pinky swear.


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Recently, i culled a lot of activities from my schedule to make room for the stuff i need most. You can read about it in the short comic Lion House, but the tl;dr relevance to this site is that i once again have dedicated comic time every week!

While i did launch this site back in October as planned, like a boss, the significant snag was that i couldn’t get it to display the actual comic pages, like a noob. I fussed with different plugins and themes and finally reminded myself it’s more important to be able to update the comic than it is for the site to look perfect. If you’re going to read a comic written by someone with this many holes in his pants, it stands to reason you probably aren’t going to judge the site being a little rough either.



The story, i hope, more than makes up for the presentation. ❥





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unshaven artist chugging real-sugar Dr. Pepper, wearing a hoodie crusted in political buttons

Because he’s not great at adulting, inkshark lives in his friend’s converted garage with several pets: a white one, a brindle one, a shiny wet one, and a spiny yellow one. He doesn’t have a real job (see: adulting ability) so he buys everyone’s kibble using multiple streams of revenue, including but not limited to writing fiction, freelance editorial and illustrative work, making buttons, and selling art supplies at an indie shop.


His personal site is parked at


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